General Details

The model MECH OBCH supplies line isolated Uninteruptable power for precision instrumentation systems.The MECH OBCH is designed tol operate in harsh environments, and has unique capabilities for remote power system monitoring, a cost saving feature for remote system installations. The universal AC input uses an IEC power entry module allowing easy input configuration for mains. Auxiliary charger input is also available to accept lower voltage AC or DC inputs as an optional backup for long term AC outages. The dual inputs are beneficial at remote project sites. A solar panel is directly connected to the auxiliary charger input. The primary function of the MECH OBCH is to maintain a SMF battery in a temperature compensated floating fully charged state. When maintained in this state, SMF batteries can have a useful life of many years. Battery life decreases with repeated discharge cycles and increasing depth of discharge.When charger looses input power, and there is no auxiliary-charging source is active, the external equipment draws energy from the battery. When input power is restored, the battery charges at the appropriate rate until it is completely charged, at which time the charger switches to the float mode.

  • MECH OBCH delivers 10 A of output current at 12VDC
  •  Simultaneous dual charger inputs: 230 VAC and /or low voltage AC/DC.
  •  Multi mode intelligent charge regulator provides temperature compensated charging for selected battery capacity.
  • Charge level monitor provides an indication of the battery charge, battery low on LED.
  •  Power failure indication on LED with potential free contact.
  •  Safety under reverse polarity and indication for output.
  •  Output overload protection.
  •  Over voltage protection for Input and Output.
  • Suitable for electronic equipment requiring isolated DC power not subject to disturbances or disruptions.
  •  System requiring Uninteruptable DC power , where AC power is available for battery charging
  •  Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) RTUs and communication equipment..
  •  Battery charger for 12V SMF batteries from 1-80 Ah with on-line load.
  •  Redundant charging option using a solar panel to back up long term AC power outages
  •  Process metering and billing equipment requiring continuous power for measurement integration