General Details

The MECH control console is a complete control solution that provides local / auto Control for your field instrumentation. The MECH control console comprises of Switch gears, Push Buttons, Indicators, Safety fuses, Single phasing preventer, Auto / Manual selection facility, Ammeter, Voltmeter, ELCB, MCB, digital status monitor & control wiring compatible with DASTU The MCC provides a user-friendly operation for any type of load(s).Provides out put Overload protection with indication on front panel & Interlocking for auto manual operation with variable control voltages.

  • Fully Compatible with DASTU for Remote / Local operation from Personal Computer.
  • Remote and/or Local Auto / Manual Mode selection facility
  • Equipped with Single phasing preventer and safety fuses.
  • Digital display of status
  • Overload protection with indication on front panel.
  • Protection for dry pumping , priming failure, vibration, temperature, under / over voltage
  • Variable control voltages.
  • Local / Field operation facility
  • Interlocking for auto / manual operation.
  • Space Heaters, illuminating lamp.
  • Cable glands for cable entry at bottom
  • MECH Control Console (MCC) for operation of Hoist Motors.
  • MECH Control Console (MCC) for operation of Vertical Turbine Pump.
  • MECH Control Console (MCC) for distributing Electrical loads.
Ordering Information

Mech. control console are designed and developed as per customer requirement or requirement of project.